Rainy Engagement Session: Kayla & Ben

I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one: Kayla and Ben rocked their photos! Clients usually want to reschedule when the session time calls for rain. These two were not put off in the slightest! We shot right through it and came up with beautiful photos from our rainy engagement session.

 rainy engagement session  


Tough Mudder 2014

I think they call it Cobbler’s Son Syndrome: that the personal stuff you plan to do for yourself or your own family gets put off in favor of work responsibilities, client appointments, and other “need to do” urgencies. Well, I’ve been piecing this together in my “spare time” for months now, and an embarrassingly long time later it’s finally complete. It’s a small pebble in the mountain of personal projects in my “to do” pile. People always ask me what I do when I’m not working. So here’s a glimpse!

My husband and friend completed the Tough Mudder 2014 at Road America this summer. I went along as the supporter/stuff holder/spectator and (of course) photographer. What an event!



Here is what I captured of their story…check it out in HD.

Win an Engagement Session!

‘Tis the season for engagements! It seems the romantic holiday spirit is alive and well in the hearts of many this year, and we are celebrating right along with you.

Win an Engagement Session!

In honor of the holidays, we’re giving an engagement session to a recently engaged couple.

win-engagement-session (more…)

Senior Pictures: Behind the Scenes with Alexis

If you’ve been a follower of the blog for the past year, you know we’ve had our share of weather-related challenges. Part of the appeal of catching on-location details and unique environments is that we’re subject to whatever weather happens to occur on the scheduled session date. And while it certainly can require some extra planning before the session, I do love the individuality it creates for each client. For senior pictures for Alexis, we chose a location with both indoor and outdoor options so that we could keep shooting in case it rained. It never hurts to have some good overhangs on the nearby buildings, and this time we got to take advantage of those backup options.

rain during senior pictures


Senior Pictures: Joey Behind-the-Scenes

One might think that doing the same types of sessions would make for repetitive posts. However, each client (and therefore each session) is more unique than you might think. Joey’s senior session was no exception.

When I pulled up to his house, the first thing I noticed was this laundry line of his grandfather’s ties hanging outside. You know how sometimes you see something at the start of your day and you instantly know it’s going to be a great day? I definitely considered this a good sign.

ties on laundry line - senior pictures (more…)

Senior Photography Session: Tanner’s Behind the Scenes

It’s hard to believe that the morning of Tanner’s senior photography session, we were on the phone looking at the weather reports considering whether to even go through with the session that day. The forecast for the session time was 40% chance of rain. Lucky for us, the weather reports were wrong. Not only did it not rain, but the sky opened up and gave us fantastic weather for a great senior photography session.

As a starting point, I always ask clients to think of some locations that are meaningful or special to them. I love incorporating backgrounds that infuse a personal touch into the photos. Their ideas did not disappoint!

senior photography session location with barn


Lamirande Family Session

There are a lot of lists associated with being a photographer. One of my favorite lists is the one with the names of all the truly awesome people I get to meet as part of this job. Last weekend I met the Lamirandes for a family session, and it was immediately obvious that they definitely deserve to be on that list.  You’ll see why… (more…)

Model Call: Creative Bridal Sessions

Creative Bridal Sessions

MODEL CALL!!! We are looking for recently married couples to model for several creative bridal sessions taking place in September, October, and November. Details… (more…)

The Art of Photoshop

We have recently heard of (likely from multiple news, social media, and other sources) the story of Nathan Steffel’s touching internet request to have the medical tubes removed from a photo of his infant daughter. I originally saw the story posted via PetaPixel, which also links to the original request post, showing the outpouring of support (and digitally altered portraits) in the comments. The response was indeed heartwarming.

This sad story is a great example of how “just photoshopping something out” isn’t necessarily an accurate description. Not only is a task like this is not as easy and fast as it may sound. People not familiar with the process also tend to overlook just how much it requires artistic interpretation to recreate parts of the image. (more…)

Senior Photography Sale! 1 Day Only!

Is your summer flying by as quick as ours? We are still booking for our remaining summer photography session dates.  Hurry and take advantage of our 1-day senior photography sale! See more details below… (more…)