Green Bay Baby Session: Caleb – 3 months

Sometimes part of the fun of baby photo sessions is that we never know what to expect. Babies do their own thing! This little guy was such a good sport during his Green Bay baby session. No doubt, he already knows he’s pretty cute…


It is great to be able to go into clients’ homes to do photo sessions. You get such a sense of who they are, their style, what is important and meaningful to them. You also get to meet the family members who make them unique. Little Caleb had a whole fan club.


It just so happens that several of his supporters were of the furry, four-legged variety. But support, they did! They were not camera shy in the slightest and were more than willing to get in on the action.


Caleb brought his A-game and knocked his Green Bay baby session out of the park. He was so well-behaved, and check out those blue eyes!


I’m fairly certain that after we left, he slept pretty well too 🙂


Take a look at highlights from Caleb’s 3-month session:

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