Rainy Engagement Session: Kayla & Ben

I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one: Kayla and Ben rocked their photos! Clients usually want to reschedule when the session time calls for rain. These two were not put off in the slightest! We shot right through it and came up with beautiful photos from our rainy engagement session.

 rainy engagement session  

The trees provided no shelter from the rain whatsoever. Looks great–but they got soaked!

I always tell new clients that our sessions are really fun–not super formal, but casual and relaxed. Kayla and Ben fit into that right from the start. They both have a great sense of humor and could be counted on to make each other laugh. Even during a rainy engagement session, we still found plenty to laugh about! Love these guys…


I have some fabulous people who help me during sessions. They do all sorts of things from carrying gear, holding reflectors and flashes, fixing hair flyaways, and anything else that enables us to create awesome photos. They really go the distance…even if that distance is down a steep incline covered in wet grass!


Want to see more from Kayla and Ben’s rainy engagement session? Watch this video!


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