Seymour Family Session: Rohm Family [Behind the Scenes]

If you’re familiar with some of my website content, you’re probably aware that I shoot weddings, seniors, families, babies, “and other photography adventures.” That’s not just blog filler–I really do enjoy the creative challenge of new ideas. The Rohm family took me up on that with their ideas for this Seymour family session, and we had a great time!

Seymour family session behind the scenes

Photo sessions usually start with an idea. From there, we develop ways to visually bring the concept to life. For this Seymour family session, the guiding idea was their wheat harvest. Along the process of planning the session, I got to learn a lot about wheat and farming!

I learned, for example, just how much attention is paid to the weather when you are harvesting. And how the slightest weather change can change your whole schedule. This family made it look incredible easy, I have to say.

We fit the session into a very small window of time within the live harvest. The dust in these photos isn’t fog or haze–it’s wheat dust fresh from the field. I love when we can be authentic in photos and this was an awesome way to do that.

Seymour family session behind the scenes

In order to capture the fields at their best, we aimed to schedule the session for a specific window of late afternoon light. During that time, we happened to experience full sun, full clouds, and even a few sprinkles within such a short time frame.

Seymour family session behind the scenes

Side note: little brothers often add a special level of fun to family sessions and Jacob was no exception! He’s a big personality in a little guy and was so much fun to capture.

Seymour family session wheat field

Until this session, I had never been this up-close-and-personal with a wheat field during harvest. I sure have driven by a good number, but that’s not the same. I am hooked! It is really a beautiful operation.

If they look this good just getting ready, just wait til you see them in full bloom 🙂

Seymour Family Session

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